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Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)


Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) systems have quickly become ever present on households across the UK, providing a clean and cost effective solution to the rise in energy prices in the last decade.


Greenheat Renewables Ltd are a MCS certified company within the field of solar PV and provide experience, high quality and reliable installations with the use of industry approved products.  We have been working with Solar technology for a number of years and completed installations for a wide variety of properties, utilising both roof mounted and ground mounted systems. 


No two projects tend to be the same, and we pride ourselves in customizing our scope of services and procedures to provide exactly what is needed for each client.


Our dedicated team have experience in designing and installing systems that range from small domestic rooftop systems to large commercial ground mounted arrays – every job is looked at with the same level of detail and intrigue.

How it works

Solar Photovoltaic systems function by harnessing the sun’s energy and converting into electricity that can be used in homes. Solar panels consist of cells (thin layers of silicon) which uses the sunlight to create an electric field across the layers to cause an electric current.

The PV panel converts the solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity. However, as the mains supply in the UK is alternating current (AC), a solar inverter is required to change the current from DC to AC in order to use this clean new generated electricity for everyday household items.


The AC electricity is fed through a meter and into the consumer unit in your house. Once any appliance is turned on, you will automatically use the electricity you have generated. Any electricity you do not use is then exported back into the mains grid.


Solar PV system

Solar PV Diagram.png

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to installing Solar PV including: 

  • Clean green energy - no harmful greenhouse gases are emitted.

  • Reduced electricity bills.

  • Minimal ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

  • Earn income from unused electricity which is exported back to the grid (see Grants - Smart Export Guarantee)

  • Reduced reliance on the grid.

Things to Consider

There are a number of factors to consider in any Solar PV ASHP project including:-

  • Location of panels - panels can be located on roofs or on the ground.  Ideally south facing to maximise capture of the sun's energy.  The ideal location will depend on a number of factors including space available. 

  • If you live in a conservation area, you may require planning permission prior to installation.

  • Existing electrical usage - this will help determine the size of array required to ensure there is sufficient supply.

  • Whether you would like a fully streamlined renewable heating system and battery storage system

Grants and Loan Schemes - see Grants

There are a number of potential grants and loans schemes which you may be able to access.  We can help you find the find information on the schemes available:


  • Home Energy Scotland Solar PV - for domestic Scottish residents only

  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

  • CARES Funding (for Scottish businesses)

Manufacturers - SolarEdge


Although we install a variety of manufacturers, our preferred manufacturer is SolarEdge. A market leader in providing smart energy solutions, SolarEdge products ensure that the systems we install produce more energy than a typical system.


Additionally, the exceptional safety, full system monitoring and long term warranties available with SolarEdge products make it a more attractive option for both of our residential and commercial customers.

SolarEdge allows offers our customers the option to integrate their heat pump with the solar PV system in order to achieve an efficient heating and electric system.


Smart technology now means that the solar PV inverters and heat pumps are able to communicate with each other. The ability to communicate with each other effectively means that when there is a minimum excess generation of 1kW, it has the capability to turn on the heat pump and charge the hot water cylinder or central heating buffer tank.  This means the system is self-sufficient at these times. 


The overall efficiency of the system proves to be invaluable and reduces the running costs.

How Greenheat can help

We can help you assess the best solution for your project and provide you with costings and estimated savings from the installation.  

Our design engineer can conduct an initial site visit (or can discuss your project over the phone) and provide you with an indication of the size of array and system you may need.  We can also provide you with estimated cost savings form the new system.

If you would like more information  or would like to have a discussion about your project with our design engineering team please contact us on +44 (0) 1361 315000 or send us an e-mail to 


Our design engineering team  will be in touch to answer your query.   

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