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Engineering Services


Our highly skilled team of engineers and design engineering team can provide a full end to end solution for any renewables installation including any mechanical or electrical works,  groundworks associated with the installation of a GSHP ground collector or a district heating network involving biomass or other technology.


In September 2020 we procured our own borehole drilling rig to install our GSHP borehole collectors and also to enable us to complete water well installations from ‘source to tap’.

We have also commissioned the engineering of our own bespoke ground collector mole plough to work on a Bobcat Skidsteer to lessen the impact of our GSHP ground collector installations and speed up installation ground recovery by 2-3 years on average.


This equipment, along with our other plant, has allowed us to install various other utilities such as electrical power, fibre broadband duct, district heating networks and water supply networks.   These utilities, installed in the correct manner, can enable a client to have more control over their supply efficiency, reliability and cost, whilst making them more self-sufficient and sustainable.


Please contact us to find out how Greenheat Renewables Ltd can assist.


Mechanical Engineering Services

Our team of highly skilled plumbing and heating engineers have experience at installing all types and sizes of renewables technologies.  

We have the skills and expertise in-house to provide any mechanical works associated with your renewable system installation.  

If you wish to discuss your project in more details please contact us.  


Servicing & Maintenance

To ensure that your system continues to run efficient regular servicing and maintenance is required. 


With any installation of renewables, it is important to know that this will be undertaken by skilled engineers.


Our engineers are fully qualified to service and maintain all sizes and types of renewable systems - whether these have been installed by our company or another installer.  

We also provide an emergency repair service and pour extensive knowledge and experience of renewables means that we are usually able to assist with any system.  

If you would like to arrange a service or any maintenance on your system please contact us. 


Building & Groundworks

Our in-house team provide all the groundworks services necessary to install GSHP ground collectors.  We also have a drilling division should you wish to consider a vertical borehole to house your ground collector.

We have commissioned a bespoke mole plough to install ground collectors with less impact on the land - this speeds up recovery time of the ground by 2-3 years.

If you have a requirement for any groundworks associated with your renewables project, or wish to discuss a borehole for a GSHP or a water well then please get in touch.  

Peaks Above Clouds

District Heating Networks

District Heating is a system for distributing heat generated from a central location through a system of insulated pipes for domestic and commercial heating and hot water.  The heat can be generated from a variety of sources including biomass boilers, geothermal heating, heat pumps and solar heating.  

Heating networks can vary enormously in size with Community Heating supplying a small number of properties and District Heating looking to large scale sources of heat for a larger number of buildings.

We have installed a number of network heating systems.  If you would like further information on heating networks and the grants which may be available please contact us.  


Electrical Eng - image 1.jpg

Electrical Engineering Services

We have a team of qualified electrical engineer who work alongside our plumbing and heating engineers to ensure a seamless installation of your renewable system.  

We also have an engineer qualified to install car charging units, which are growing in demand as the electric car market expands.  These can be linked with other renewables systems such as solar PV.

Please contact us for further information.  


We are experts in the field of renewable technology and have designed and installed a huge variety of systems across both domestic and commercial projects. 


We provide a wide range of engineering services in conjunction with any renewables project - this enables us to provide a complete installation service without the need to involve a number of contractors.  


We have a team of highly skilled engineers who are all qualified in their individual fields (electrical, plumbing and heating, renewable technology design).


If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss this further and have a more detailed view of the services which we provide, then please  contact us on +44 (0) 1361 315000 or email us on

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