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Greenheat Renewables Ltd have extensive experience in the design and installation of GSHP systems.  Previously we had outsourced the borehole drilling element of the works.  


In order to provide our clients with a full end to end service, in September 2020 we procured a borehole drilling rig to install our GSHP borehole collectors and provide water well installation services.


Our rig is the powerful Welldrill W62 with all terrain tread meaning that it can go where other rigs can't.  Our clean skip operation and experienced operators minimise ground disturbance and mess. 


We are also able to drill water boreholes and with our experienced plumbing and heating engineering team we can complete water well installations from ‘source to tap’.  


Our drilling services

Our drilling rig is a Welldrill W62 and is designed for geothermal and water well drilling.  It is mounted on a versatile platform with a track driven undercarriage with high ground clearance and 360 degree rotation.

This means it is ideal to work in confined spaces, making vertical boreholes a possibility for a large number of GSHP projects.  

The drilling services which we are able to offer include closed and open loop ground collector installations and water wells.  We can also undertake yield testing for open loop systems and water wells.

With our highly experienced engineering team we can provide and end to end service for both GSHP projects and water well distribution networks.  

Heat pump boreholes are vertical ground arrays or collectors used to extract heat energy from rock to a ground source heat pump.  They save space and minimise disruption in installation projects.  The boreholes are usually up to 115mm wide and depths range from 60m to 200m.  

Water well boreholes provide you with your own private water supply from land.  

If you wish to discuss your project in more detail or get further information on borehole drilling please contact us on +44 (0) 1361 315000 or send us an e-mail to and we will be in touch.

Closed and open loop systems

In a closed loop system a mixture of water and antifreeze flows through a closed network of pipes, it exchanges heat with the ground (or the pond, lake or acquifer it is placed in).  There is no contact between the working fluid and the ground or the fluid in the heat pump at any point.  

An open loop system utilises ground water as a heat source.  The heat extracted is raised in temperature and delivered to the hot water and space heating systems.  Once the heat is removed the same water is returned to the aquifer it was taken from. 


These systems are less common that closed loop systems and are generally used in large commercial or industrial systems.  The extraction is regulated by environmental agencies and a license may need to be obtained before this can be installed.  

Open Loop System

Open Loop Borehole Diagram.png

Closed Loop System

Closed Loop Borehole Diagram.png

Contact Us

Our drilling operators are highly experienced and are here to help with your drilling needs.  


If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss this further and have a more detailed view of the drilling  services which we provide, please  contact us on +44 (0) 1361 315000 or alternatively you can email us on

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