Boiler Servicing

Most heating systems require servicing at least once per year depending on the technology and how much heat they are providing.


Greenheat Renewables have an experienced and knowledgeable service team who operate across Scotland and Northern England – our service charges are very competitive and cover a wide range of technologies:


Biomass servicing

Greenheat Renewables are able to service most manufacturers of biomass boilers including HDG, ETA, HERZ, WIESSMAN, and FROLING from smaller domestic pellet boilers up to larger commercial wood chip boilers. In addition, we can service most of the additional components that work alongside the boilers such as pumps, district heating systems and unvented cylinders in order to get the best value from our service call.


Heat pump servicing

As NIBE VIP installers we are also called by them to service their heat pumps across Scotland and our engineers also have a great deal of experience servicing many other manufacturers such as DANFOSS, DAIKIN, LG, MITSUBISHI ECODAN, and IDM. Again, our engineers are also qualified to service the additional components such as the unvented cylinder and can check and maintain the ground or borehole collector on a ground source heat pump.


Solar thermal servicing

Solar thermal systems should be checked once per year to make sure that the solar liquid meets the required levels in order to maintain maximum possible efficiency as well as simply checking and cleaning the panels. Greenheat Renewables can service all manufacturers of solar thermal system and have many years of experience fault finding and improving performance on evacuated tube and flat plate solar systems.

Boiler Servicing Scotland - Greenheat Renewables Scottish Borders
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