Biomass is rapidly becoming the most popular renewable heating option in Scotland. Economical and environmentally friendly, biomass systems are powered by locally sourced woodchip and can be used to heat large scale properties such as farms, estates and even whole villages.

Biomass heating can mean significant fuel savings as well as a greatly reduced impact on the environment. The Government’s planned RHI could also mean customers are able to earn hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year on top of their own fuel savings. The Greenheat Renewables team has extensive experience installing biomass boilers of all sizes in residential homes, country estates and farms across Scotland and the North of England.

Community district heating systems are a popular option for those living in small communities, particularly where costly oil is the main or only fuel. One large biomass boiler will heat several homes or properties and individual residents can reap the rewards in their greatly reduced fuel costs. The Scottish Government are offering several incentives for those who wish to install such a system but who do not have the capital to do so.

Scotland’s energy minister, Mr Fergus Ewing, last year announced that almost £2 million of loans were provided for the setting up of district renewable heating schemes. This was spread across 9 successful projects, including a high school, an arts centre, a community centre and a housing scheme. One of the projects was at Colstoun House in East Lothian and was carried out by Greenheat Renewables Ltd. It is thought that these projects combined will save around 68,000 tonnes of CO2 over 25 years.

The Scottish Government has also established the Expert Commission on the delivery of District Heating, aimed at driving forwards the Government’s manifesto commitment to increase the uptake of district heating schemes in Scotland.

Mr Ewing said:

"This Government is committed to supporting the development of low carbon district heating networks in Scotland. We have a target of 11 per cent of heat demand coming from renewables by 2020 and district heating schemes will help Scotland achieve that target. By offering these loans, we are helping communities to help themselves, developing affordable, green and locally produced heat."

Loans were available up to £400,000 to fund the capital costs of the projects, and will be paid back over 10 years at 3.5 per cent interest.


In Summary

  • Biomass heating is wood-fuelled. There are few resources more widely available and more easily replaced in the UK than trees, making biomass 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Customers with their own timber can enjoy the satisfaction of being 100% self-sufficient in their energy needs. Those without can still enjoy using local, sustainable produce with very low production and transport emissions / costs.
  • Customers can enjoy significant financial savings, particularly on large scale properties and estates
  • Biomass systems produce significantly less CO2 than fossil fuels such as gas and oil
  • Several grants, interest free loans and support packages are available for those wishing to install renewable heating systems. In addition the Scottish Government intend to roll out the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) across the country this year, which will reward those installing Biomass heating systems with annual payments over the next 20 years.

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