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Pressure is increasing on the UK and Scottish Governments to meet carbon emissions targets in line with worldwide agreements. This pressure is also felt by farmers, large companies and estate owners, who all have an important role to play in cutting carbon emissions in the UK. As a result, renewable heating solutions such as biomass and woodchip boiler systems are becoming increasingly popular. Biomass heating offers those with large scale heating requirements the opportunity not only to become completely self-sufficient in terms of their energy use, but also to save thousands of pounds a year.


Who are we?

Greenheat Renewables Ltd, at 7 years old, is one of Scotland’s most experienced and well developed Renewable heating companies. In 2007 we were at the forefront of the industry installing air and ground source heat pumps and solar panels; as renewable technologies have developed so has the Greenheat company, and the majority of our work is now in specialised Biomass systems with the potential to heat farms, estates and even small communities with up to 1 Megawatt of power.


At Greenheat we take great pride in our experienced, skilled and reliable workforce. Our team are knowledgeable and happy to help with any queries or concerns our customers may have. In addition, potential and existing clients can contact the business team in our office from Monday to Friday. Based in Edinburgh, Greenheat Renewables continue to undertake domestic, commercial and community heating projects across the length and breadth of Scotland and even into Northern England.


The Team

Zander Bruce
Zander Bruce
Company Director

Stephen Strachan

Business Manager


Denise Bennett



Katherine Maxwell

Renewable Energy Advisor



Andrew Stothart, Andus Vasiljers, Brian Hall, Charlie Dowdell, Criag Stewart, David Paul Ross, James Catterson, Jamie Sheilds, Kerr Scott, Robert Scott, Russell Low, Ryan McQueenie, Ryan Robert Bell, Simon Kay and Stevie Ray Hobbs.


All of our engineers have various domestic and commerical mechanical engineering SVQ qualifications as well as all the appropriate health and safety site training. They have also completed manufacturers training and commissioning courses for all of the main components that Greenheat use in district heating systems, including HDG, WILO, REHAU and DANFOSS.


Our Future

As the company continues to expand, we are delighted to announce that we will soon be embarking upon a new fuel supply branch of Greenheat Renewables: Greenheat Fuel and Hire. With this new sister company up and running by the end of the year, we will be able to offer our customers not only the complete design, supply and install service, but also the fuel to keep their heating systems running year after year. In addition, our after-sales maintenance package provides our clients with the security of expert servicing and maintenance for the future of their appliance.

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